Beer Bong

Goodbye but keep the hardcore & punk scene strong!

Hello we'd like to thank everyone for the good times (an the bad). Websites come and go but and so do hardcore bands.

The European hardcore and punk scene must continue to thrive. As much as we have kept it below the ground as a great underground scene, many of us sense that th scene is decaying. In this instance, we are sure that bonding with our fellow American bands in a worldwide hardcore collective is the best way to go forward.

It's also great to see hardcore and punk music develop in countries with a strong heavy metal scene. While I would not call the scene of heavy metal and dark metal as a completely different music genre to hardcore, it's try that anywhere in the world where heavy metal is popular, hardcore and punk are not popular. As the way forward, it would be good to see new alliances being made with the metal scene, whether heavy metal or dark metal. It seems as though the main issue has been an elitist attitude from both scenes, looking down on each other, despite the fact that both hard an heavy metal come from the same music roots!

I really hope the best for hardcore and punk. In the meantime you can keep yourself in the loop by checking out updates in Heavy Metal, Rock and Punk – Natural Born Records.

Thank you all!